The International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies aims at promoting research in all fields (history, literature, archeology) concerning ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. It combines the main associations which, in each country, support Classical Studies, and it organizes international congresses involving the best scholars in these disciplines. Theses congresses, which are held every five years in a city with a large university (Berlin in 2009, Ouro Preto in Brazil in 2004), bring together an average of 500 participants (listeners and speakers) from around the world.

FIEC Board

Dame Averil Cameron (Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine History, Oxford  University) : President

Ana María González de Tobia  (Profesora Extraordinaria, Universidad Nacional de La Plata) : Vice-President

Pascal Arnaud  (Professeur d’Histoire et d’Archéologie du monde romain, Université Lyon2) : Vice-President

Paul Schubert  (Professeur de langue et littérature grecques, Université de Genève ) : General Secretary

Franco Montanari (Professore Ordinario di Letteratura Greca, Università di Genova) : Treasurer

Gunhild Vidén (Professor of Latin, University of Gothenburg) : Adjunct Member

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The FIEC Board will meet twice during the Conference : on Tuesday 26 August, at 3.00  pm (room 45, Athénée municipal) and on Thursday 28,  at 3.00 pm (room 47, Athénée municipal) 
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