The three French associations affiliated to FIEC (Association Guillaume Budé, Association pour l’Encouragement des Études grecques en France and Société des Études latines) have entrusted the organization of this 14th Congress to the Bordeaux Montaigne University and to the Ausonius Institute, a very active research center internationally recognized in the field of classical studies. The President of the Congress is Prof. Valérie Fromentin (Ausonius former Director, coordinator of the cluster of excellence Bordeaux Archaeological Sciences), Prof. Jean-Louis Ferrary (Institut de France, EPHE, president of the Association Guillaume Budé) is Honorary President and Prof. Sophie Gotteland is General Secretary. The congress is supported by an Organization Committee (local, national and international). This Organization Committee has established a list of 17 panels and has invited the 34 guest speakers (two for each panel) who will deliver the opening and closing lectures of each panel.

The Conference will take place in the Congress Center « Athénée municipal » and at the Pôle juridique et judiciaire (PJJ) de Pey Berland which are both located in the historical center of Bordeaux. The Athénée municipal provides a large auditorium for up to 500 persons, convenient for the plenary sessions, and the PJJ has fine conference rooms that will host most of the panels sessions.

 Organization Committees

 Local Committee
* Prof. Valérie Fromentin (President of the Congress)
* Prof. Sophie Gotteland (General Secretary of the Congress)
* Prof. Gauthier Liberman
* Prof. Jean-Michel Roddaz
* Prof. Olivier Devillers
* Prof. Jean Yvonneau
 National Committee 
* Prof. Alain Billault (Paris 4-Sorbonne University)
* Prof. Dominique Briquel (Paris 4-Sorbonne University)
* Prof. Paul Demont (Paris 4-Sorbonne University)
* Prof. Jean-Louis Ferrary (Institut de France,  EPHE,  Honorary President of the Congress)
* Prof. Jacques Jouanna (Institut de France, Paris 4-Sorbonne University)
 International Committee
* Prof. Martin Hose (President of the 2009 Berlin Congress ; University of Munich)
* Prof. Paul Schubert (FIEC  General Secretary, University of Geneva)
* Prof. Martha Patricia Irigoyen (University of Mexico)
* Prof. Francisco Beltrán Lloris (University of Zaragoza)
* Prof. Gillian Clark (University of Bristol)
* Prof. Erkki Sironen (University of Helsinki)
* Prof. Elio Lo Cascio (Università di Roma «La Sapienza»)
* Prof. Sarah Iles Johnston (Ohio State University).



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